I was raised in New York in the small town of Croton-on-Hudson (Pop. only 7018 when I left!). In 1990 my family moved to West Palm Beach, Florida where I continued my education, learned several trades, and swam in the ocean as much as possible. However, moving to California had always been a dream of mine. I fulfilled that dream when I moved to Wine Country in Sonoma County California in 2001. There I assisted in opening a five star hotel, Hotel Healdsburg, and immersed myself in a new culture where wine was meant to be sipped, “organic” was embraced, and the locals danced in the town square.

Years later I moved north to Humboldt County, which proved to be a very positive change for me, personally and professionally. Developing a real estate career while working for a great company (RE/MAX Humboldt Realty) enriched my life in many ways. Being a part of the real estate industry was a direction I had always desired to take. To realize that vision here in beautiful Humboldt County is an even more amazing blessing. I currently live in Arcata with my husband, a local business owner, our two children, Joseph & Hudson; however, I’ve got my sights set on Trinidad! In my free time I am the lead singer in a local band, attend yoga classes, and enjoy hiking around our beautiful local beaches.

The most gratifying result of being a realtor is having the ability to help others locate the home of their dreams, and then assist with persistence and patience until that dream is realized. You see, I firmly believe that one’s surroundings are important! One should wake up in the morning in a dwelling that “fits,” that adds comfort, joy, and simplicity to daily life. That “dwelling,” whether it be a fixer upper or a gorgeous estate with an ocean view, is a very individual choice. I will listen to your personal needs, preferences, and be motivated to action.

If I am chosen as your Realtor, I will always provide you with professional, personalized service. That means to me: timely e-mail and phone responses, making your priorities my priorities, respecting the magnitude of the life decision that you are pursuing, honesty in all communications, always remaining conscious- that in real estate- THE DETAILS DO MATTER. The greatest honor that I can earn is your respect and trust. Please feel free to call me if you, or someone you know, is ready to buy or sell in beautiful Northern California, or even if you’re just starting to envision a future home change. I will take excellent care of you!

Christina D’Alessandro